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Daily CLUB Opportunity Access

Shortly after the New York Open any signal opportunities are recorded in the “Club Section” of the website and are available to members. This also includes Club signal updates and when to close. Updates and closing information are EOD (end of day) only.

Access is  on a “monthly donation” basis. “For the price of a cup of coffee”!

If interested but you need further information please use the contact page.

We scan for Club opportunities at the close of the New Your session and post soon after or within 1 hour. The New York session closes at 5.00 PM EDT which you should check in your time zone or use an online Market Hours clock similar to this link

Profits from our Website go to toward missionary projects.

Club membership Offers

Includes Club+ which is our ADR Club strategy.
Note: Currently it is the ONLY strategy used.


Your donation of $25 (suggested) gives you the first month (30 CALENDAR days) membership to the TMS Club and Club+ protected access and the Club Member content on this website.



Your donation of $440 (suggested) gives you one year (360 Calender days) membership to the TMS Club and Club+ and Club-Full access and the Club Member content on this website.
This includes the use of our Proprietary Indicators  and “Trade Tools*”


Important: Email your MT4 account number (not password) to use “Trade Tools”. 

Before Making Commitment

– Club membership is generally on a monthly donation basis. However, to allow the new Club Members to try we give a one-month introductory offer.
– One month is defined as 30 calendar days. When logging in to the website at the bottom of your Dashboard page you will see your “Expire Date”. If you do not renew before Expire Date you will be blocked from being able to log in.
-Trading Made Simple does reserve the right not to renew members at the end of their membership
– Signal Analyses and posting is usually within 1 hour of the New York close.
– Should the office be closed for any reason ( I do spend 4 to 6 weeks in Africa each year) including global holidays when the Forex market is closed like New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas Day the days will be credited to your Club membership.
– Please choose correct Paypal Club Membership Link according to the length of time of Club membership. An incorrect choice will be refunded so you can try again.

The Next Step

Important: Email your MT4 account if you have selected the “Trade Tools Option”.

Allow at least 24 hours to receive username, password, and link to the login page. We are on GMT +10. You will also be emailed the Trade Tools* package in Zip format.

In the meantime take time to familiarise yourself with the Club daily strategy explained on the Website.

If you have questions please use the Contact page, but again allow at least 24 hours for a response.

The office is closed weekends and global holidays as well as mission trips explained above.

*Trading Tools

Trading Tools* include:

  • TMS Trade Manager Expert Advisor (MT4 only)
  • TMS Risk Reward Levels Indicator (MT4 only)
  • TMS Continuation Banner Indicator (MT4 only)
  • TMS Close Banner Indicator (MT4 only)

See trade example videos for details and description