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Club SIGNAL backtesting for july 2019

Spent most of the weekend backtesting the Club daily strategy and as mentioned in the videos, the best setting for optimum results is Trail_R* = 1.5 and TP R = 2.5.

Agreed you won’t get the long runs of 4 and 5R and above, but there is always going to be a compromise. If you go for the long runs then many trades that go 2, 3 or 4R will result only in a 1 or 2R result.

Anyway here are the results and trade images using the above settings and decide for yourself.

Backtest for the first three weeks of July show a plus 12R return and depending on your risk upwards of 20% on 2% risk.



Past performance is not indicative of future results. The signals and results should be considered for educational purposes only. TMS does not claim to have traded every or any signal. Please read the disclaimer below.

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