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How to recover trade details

You are probably aware that when you restart your MT4 platform or open your TMS Trade Club Trade Manager the Trade panel returns to its default settings and it appears your trade information is lost. The R-Stop, R-Value, Trail-R and TP-R values return to their default settings and unless you have copied them down your chart and your Terminal will only show you the price on entry and stop-loss. It will not show you the take-profit or trail values as they are “virtual” meaning it is information stored within the Expert Advisor and hidden from your Broker (and it seems you).

Your Broker only ever sees your Entry Order and Emergency Stop.

Trade Order Placed

Trade Order Information Lost

Well, nothing is lost and all your information can easily be recovered if you know where to look.The first you need is your Order Ticket number which you will find in your Terminal “Trade” or “Account History” tab.

Next on your active chart using your keyboard function “F3” will open a window with your orders both active and history. Locate the order that corresponds with your ticked number.

Here you can see that I placed several limit orders, making adjustments to finally being filled on USDJPY on 23rd July (chart/broker time).

So now looking closely at the data.

A little simple maths will enable you to confirm all levels:

  • R-Value= 28pips
  • Entry: 107.850 (buy)
  • Hard Stop/virtual_SL: 1.5 R (42pip)= 107.44
  • Trail-R/next_R_level): 0.75R (21pips)= 108.07
  • TP_R/virtual_TP: 1R (28pips)= 108.14

There are rounding errors +/- as Trade Manager really works to one decimal piont.

And to confirm that all went to plan below is the order ticket.

Be aware that there may always be slight differences due to spreads, slippage, and Brokers used.