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We still recommend extreme caution with coronavirus and large unpredictable spreads.

The amended Rules to the right may be helpful in the meanwhile. It is what we are following with some success. The signals are also analyzed and uploaded after the New York open.


Club-Full membership gives access to our full suite of trading tools and propriety indicators we use here at TMS to select our Daily signals. So you have the freedom of analyse your own charts to see the same signals we use at TMS

The TMS Club and ClubPlus rules are not changed which you can see on the relevant pages. What you do get is the reasons for choosing a Club or Club Plus and the now extra Club Early trades.

As Club-Full members you get complete freedom to not only select the same signals we do but also an insight into our strategies as well.

Also most days the signals and reasoning for choosing them will be posted here as well to aid in training.

Trading Suite and Propriety Indicators include:

  •  Chart Templates
  • TMS Weekly Trend Indicator
  • TMS Daily Signal Dashboard
  • Trade Tools that are supplied with Club and ClubPlus.


Below are the analyses for the date specified in the title text. Make sure it is the current day for trading as it is not guaranteed to be posted every day

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TMS Club Dashboard

When reading the Dashboard to identify Club, Club+ and Club Early signals you read  from left to right beginning at Col 

The Example Dashboard were the Signals for 18/10/19

Club Full Analyses

As time permits the Dashboard results will be posted here for training purposes and analyses comparison.

October 2019

[gkit id=17]


Looking at Dashboard example above and the Signal Table below for a valid signal you need the following conditions 

  1. Col  must be Green or Red. Blue is NO signal
  2. Col must be the OPPOSITE color to Col  or Blue.
  3. Col must be the same color as Col  or its Lighter color. On that basis at this stage, the valid signals are AUDCAD, AUDJPY, AUDUSD, CADJPY, NZDJPY, NZDUSD, USDCAD and USDSGD
  4. Following the rules in the Signal Table for Columns  through to  the valid signals are:
    2. NZDUSD – EARLY BUY 1 (See trade in October 2019 Analyses above)



 * Difference between the value of Col  and  in the TMS Club Dashboard.
** Generally allow +/- 1 to allow for different Brokers. TMS monitors both Pepperstone and ICMarkets.
*** EARLY BUY 1 & EARLY SELL 1 must have “BUY/SELL TREND” Col  and if BOTH Col  and  *are < 10 use the Secondary Strength indicator for CONFIRMATION .
**** EARLY BUY 2 & EARLY SELL 2 have a “WEAK BUY/WEAK SELL TREND” Col  and Col  MUST be <= 80**. Use Secondary Strength indicator for confirmation if BOTH Col  and  * EXCEPT IF Col   is BLUE.
A BUY signal MUST be accompanied by “bull” or “up bar” and a SELL signal MUST be accompanied by a “bear” or “down bar”.

The Dashboard Template

The Dashboard template indicators are not the same as used for Club and Club+ and are used to help avoid making mistakes. Once signals are indentified you would use your trading template that comes with Club and Club+

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Past performance is not indicative of future results. The signals and results should be considered for educational purposes only. TMS does not claim to have traded every or any signal. Please read the disclaimer below.