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Club Plus signals are posted here just after the New York Open. (Usually within 1 hour)

  • Entry level should around the close of the previous price bar (Signal Bar).
  • The TMS Club Trade Manager and Risk Reward Levels Indicator are a vital component of the strategy as it is a “set and forget” system.
  • It is suggested you place your Emergency Stop (ES) at 1.5 times the 10-day ADRH(High) or ADRL(Low).
  • The 10-day ADRH(High) or ADRL(Low) is the R-value which you should use to calculate your lot size according to your risk.
  • Your Break-even should be set at 0.75 times the R-value and Take Profit at 1R
  • Results posted here are indicative only as they can vary according to the broker used, entry and exit levels, slippage, experience, and risk appetite.

Club Trade Manager

How to use the Club Trade Manager to trade Club Plus ADR strategy.

Important Information

When using the TMS Club Trade Manager it is important to use a new “Magic Number” if trading the same pair to avoid conflicts.


The Club Plus ADR Daily Strategy is system with the Entry based on price patterns on the Daily charts. We use New York Close charts.

ENTRY: At or near the Signal Bar (Previous Bar) Close price. You may choose Limit or Market Entry Orders, but always wait for spreads to normalise.

STOPS & TARGETS: The recommended settings are when using the TMS Club Trade Manager are:

E Stop =100 // R* Stop=1.5 //Trail R*=0.75 // TP R*=1.0

R is the Risk Reward or R-value – For the Club Plus ADR Strategy the R-value is one half the 10-day Average Daily Range. The ADHR and ADHL in the Risk Reward Levels indicator is the R-value on which to calculate risk and position sizing. The R-value in pips you would complete in the Club Trade Manager input “R Value”.

E Stop = 100 – This is the Pip Distance from  your Entry to Emergency Stop level. This is the Stop Level that the Broker sees throughout the trade duration. It never moves regardless of other settings. It would be an extreme circumstance for this to hit because your true stop is 1.5R

R* Stop = 1.5R This is the true stop that is not seen by the Broker. The R* Stop will only move to Breakeven after price has moved thru 0.75R in profit. Should the trade go against the maximum loss should be 1.5R depending on slippage, spread and  the broker used.
Trail R* = 0.75R – This is the percentage of R at which the trade would move to Breakeven. “Trail_R*” is a ratio or percentage of R.
TP R* = 1R  When price has moved through 1R the trade will close. You would complete in the Club Trade Manager input “TP_R*” as 1.00 to reflect 1R.

* If “0” function will not be applied

TRADE DURATION: The trade duration is one day only. If the targets in the Club Trade Manager have not been triggered you should close your position just before the close of the day while spreads are still tight,

It is recommended that you study the video examples and not use real money until you are satisfied you understand the strategy. If you have questions please use the contact form.

Trade safe!

Club+ Trade Manager


Past performance is not indicative of future results. The signals and results should be considered for educational purposes only. TMS does not claim to have traded every or any signal. Please read the disclaimer below.

Club & Club Plus Updates

Signal updates are posted on the TMS Club Twitter feed which can the accessed here or viewed on our Home page.