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Signal portal

Signals are posted in the table below with a suggested trading strategyas follows

  • Using the ADR strategy Risk Reward 0.7
  • Using the MagicFibo Risk Reward 1.5


Will continue to enjoy the TMS Club Dashboard and propitiatory indicators so that they can select and make their own evaluation and choice of signals and trades.

But as a bonus will also gain access to the Signal Service at no extra cost for the duration of their membership.

 The Signal Service will be a great benefit as in many cases it will pinpoint selections a day earlier than the TMS Dashboard. This will enable further filtering when using the TMS Dashboard.


Helpful Information

When using the TMS Club Trade Manager it is important to use a new “Magic Number” if trading the same pair to avoid conflicts.


We use the 10-day Average Daily Range.

  • Target is 0.5 ADR.
  • Stop level 0.75 ADR. (1.5 Target).
  • Break-Even is 0.35 ADR ( 0.7 Target)

"R" Levels Setup MagicFibo (Fibonacci Tool)

Open You Fibonacci Retracement tool and set the following settings:

Level Description
1 %$ – SWING H/L
0.854 %$ – MANUAL-STOP/R
0.618 %$ – ENTRY
0.382 %$ – 1R
0.146 %$ – 2R
-0.09 %$ – 3R
-0.326 %$ – 4R
-0.562 %$ – 5R
-0.798 %$ – 6R
-1.034 %$ – 7R
-1.27 %$ – 8R
-1.506 %$ – 9R
-1.742 %$ – 10R
-1.978 %$ – 11R
-2.204 %$ – 12R

Note: If your are going to use the SWING H/L for your R value then the R steps would be 0.382. So R1=0.236; R2=-0.146(-ve) and so on.


Past performance is not indicative of future results. The signals and results should be considered for educational purposes only. TMS does not claim to have traded every or any signal. Please read the disclaimer below.