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TMS Club Plus ADR Strategy

The ADR Daily strategy has always been my favorite style of trading. A trade duration of one day only.

The logic and tools behind this Club Plus strategy has been more than 2 years in the making and now showing excellent results.

TMS Club Plus is for those traders who want a little more action, but still on the Daily chart. It is a “set and forget” strategy based on the Average Daily Range. Trade duration is one day only based on  New York close charts.

It is an add-on extra for those who have the membership option with Trade Tools as they are necessary to trade this strategy. 

Shortly after the New York Close signals are recorded in the “Club Plus Section” of the website and are available to qualified members. The information and updates are similar to the table here but are up to date whereas the “public” results lag by at least one day.

Chart Setup

In the “Club Plus Section,” there will be detailed instructions on how to set up your Risk Reward levels using the Risk-Reward Levels Indicator and entries using the TMS Club Trade Manager.

The default settings for the Club Plus Strategy are:

  • Emergency Stop – 1.5 times the (ADR/2) which would be 1.5R
  • Target – ADR/2 which is R
  • Break-Even – 0.75 times the (ADR/2) which is 0.75 R



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*Trading Tools

Trading Tools* include:

  • TMS Trade Manager Expert Advisor (MT4 only)
  • TMS Risk Reward Levels Indicator (MT4 only)
  • TMS Continuation Banner Indicator (MT4 only)
  • TMS Close Banner Indicator (MT4 only)

See trade example videos for details and description


If this is of interest to you for the less than a cup of coffee a day go directly to the access page.