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Club signals are posted just after the New York Open. They are posted in the Club Member section including the daily update for each selection.

Results posted here are indicative only as they can vary according to the broker, entry and exit levels, slippage and risk appetite. Risk and lot size calculations are based on our MagicFibo, stops, risk calculations and exits are discussed in the Club Member section. Entries are based on signal bar close.

No recommendation to risk or financial gain is made as results displayed are indicative and only for educational purposes only.


If this is of interest to you for the less than a cup of coffee a day contact us using the contact form for further details or go directly to the access page.


Past performance is not indicative of future results, the signals and result and should be considered for educational purposes only. TMS does not claim to have traded any or every signal. Please read the disclaimer below.

Club & Club Plus Results

Club StrategyTarget Profit 2.5R and 5% based on 2% risk.

Club Plus StrategyTarget Profit 1R and 2% based on 3% risk.

18-07-19AUDCAD-2R= -4% CLUB
17-07-19USDJPY-1.1R = -2.2%CLUB
11-07-19USDJPY+0R = + 0%CLUB
22-07-19AUDCHF+1.1R = + 2.1%CLUB
11-07-19USDCHF+0R = +0%CLUB
11-07-19NZDUSD+1.1R = +2.2%CLUB
11-07-19AUDUSD+2.5R = +5%CLUB
09-07-19CHFJPY+2.5R = +5%CLUB
09-07-19AUDNZD+2.5R = +5%CLUB
15-07-19EURJPY+2.5R = +5%CLUB
05-07-19CHFJPY+0R = +0%CLUB
05-07-19AUDCHF+2.5R = +5%CLUB
03-07-19USDCHF+0R = +0%CLUB
02-07-19EURJPY+1.5R = +3%CLUB
02-07-19NZDJPY+27pips = +2%CLUB+
26-07-19CADJPY-12pips = -1.1%CLUB+
24-07-19CADJPY-6pips = -0.6%CLUB+
02-07-19EURJPY+36pips = +2%CLUB+
03-07-19USDJPY+30pips = +2%CLUB+
03-07-19CADJPY+30pips = +2%CLUB+
03-07-19AUDJPY+26pips = +2%CLUB+
03-07-19EURAUD+42pips = +2%CLUB+
04-07-19EURCHF+13pips = +1%CLUB+
05-07-19AUDCAD+22pips = +2%CLUB+
05-07-19AUDJPY+0pips = +0%CLUB+
05-07-19NZDUSD+23pips = +2%CLUB+
08-07-19AUDUSD+0pips = +0%CLUB+
05-07-19CADCHF-36pips = -3%CLUB+
05-07-19USDCHF-36pips = -3%CLUB+
12-07-19GBPJPY-22pips = -1.2%CLUB+
08-07-19EURAUD+0pips = +0%CLUB+
08-07-19USDCAD+29pips = +2%CLUB+
08-07-19CADCHF+23pips = +2%CLUB+
08-07-19GBPUSD+10pips = +0%CLUB+
09-07-19EURCAD+33pips = +2%CLUB+
09-07-19CHFJPY+15pips = +1%CLUB+
10-07-19CADJPY+23pips = +2%CLUB+
10-07-19CADCHF+21pips = +2%CLUB+
10-07-19NZDJPY+27pips = +2%CLUB+
11-07-19NZDUSD+24pips = +2%CLUB+
11-07-19GBPUSD+33pips = +2%CLUB+
11-07-19EURCHF+18pips = +2%CLUB+
12-07-19AUDUSD+23pips = +2%CLUB+
12-07-19USDCAD+29pips = +2%CLUB+
12-07-19AUDCAD+26pips = +2%CLUB+
15-07-19AUDCAD+22pips = +2%CLUB+
15-07-19AUDJPY+24pips = +2%CLUB+
18-07-19USDCAD+25pips = +2%CLUB+
18-07-19USDCAD+25pips = +1.7%CLUB+
18-07-19USDJPY+25pips = +2%CLUB+
23-07-19NZDUSD+24pips = +2%CLUB+
24-07-19AUDCAD+27pips = +2%CLUB+
24-07-19AUDJPY+19pips = +2%CLUB+
23-07-19AUDUSD+21pips = +2%CLUB+
31-07-19USDJPY-38pips // 3%CLUB+
31-07-19USDCHF+0pips = +0%CLUB+
23-07-19USDJPY+28pips = +2%CLUB+
29-07-19GBPJPY+42pips = +2%CLUB+
01-08-19EURAUD+43pips = +2%CLUB+
06-08-19CHFJPY+31pips = +2%CLUB+
19-07-19GBPJPY+0pips = +0%CLUB+
09-08-19GBPUSD+48pips = +2%CLUB+
09-08-19NZDUSD+0pips = +0%CLUB+
09-08-19USDCAD-89pips // 2.4%CLUB
19-08-19USDCAD-1.2R =- 2.4%CLUB
14-08-19EURUSD+74pips =+ 4%CLUB
19-09-19GBPUSD-80pips = -3.0%CLUB+
21-08-19EURCAD-70pips = -3.0%CLUB+
21-08-19EURUSD-11pips = -0.9%CLUB+
22-08-19EURCAD+0pips = +0%CLUB+
14-08-19AUDCAD+1.5pips = +0%CLUB+
04-09-19USDCHF+0pips // +0%CLUB
17-09-19USDSGD+21pips = +2%CLUB+
19-09-19AUDCHF+25pips = +2%CLUB+
20-09-19USDCAD+0pips = +0%CLUB+
20-09-19EURCAD+51pips = +2%CLUB+
20-09-19EURCHF+31pips = +2%CLUB+
24-09-19NZDUSD+21pips = +2%CLUB+
26-09-19USDSGD+21pips = +2%CLUB+
23-09-19GBPUSD+54pips = +2%CLUB+
18-09-19USDCHF+30pips = +2%CLUB+
06-09-19CADCHF+28pips = +2%CLUB+
10-10-19EURAUD+50pips = +2%CLUB+EURAUD 101019
11-10-19AUDCAD+28pips = +2%Club e/sAUDCAD-111019es
16-10-19AUDUSD+22pips = +2%CLUB+AUDUSD_161019
11-10-19NZDUSD+23pips = +2%CLUB+NZDUSD-111019
15-10-19AUDCAD+31pips = +2%CLUB+AUDCAD2-151019
16-10-19EURAUD+45pips = +2%Club e/sEURAUDes_161019
17-10-19EURCAD+37pips = +2%Club e/sEURCADes_171019
18-10-19NZDUSD+26pips = +2%Club e/sNZDUSDes_181019
15-10-19NZDUSD+24pips = +2%Club e/sNZDUSDes-151019
01-10-19NZDUSD+21pips = +2%CLUB+NZDUSD-11019

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