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TMS Club Signal Service

Signals are individually analyzed for each trading day from the daily, weekly, and monthly charts. They are traded on daily charts.

Shortly after the New York close our team gets to work and ranks selected signals as “strong” or “good”. These selections are generally posted within the first hour of the New York open in the Member Portal.

If there are no selections posted within 1 hour of the New York open, then you can assume to are none.

Our preferred trading strategy is using the 10-day Average Daily Range for targets and stops. You may also use the MagicFibo strategy. Both are fully explained below. You may also use your own strategies.

Subscription is based on a “credit” system.

  • Each signal day would cost “1 credit”.
  • If the net pips are negative on the day it is FREE and no credit is deducted.
  • If there are no selections for the day, no credit is deducted.



Will continue to enjoy the TMS Club Dashboard and propitiatory indicators so that they can select and make their own evaluation and choice of signals and trades.

But as a bonus will also gain access to the Signal Service at no extra cost for the duration of their membership.

 The Signal Service will be a great benefit as in many cases it will pinpoint selections a day earlier than the TMS Dashboard. This will enable further filtering when using the TMS Dashboard.